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This month as I have been obsessing about Matrix Mixers and David Tudor. I asked my friend to help me build a 8 x 8 passive matrix mixer ta add a lot of tone and grain in my sound. This week after a busy few weeks, was able to play with the mixer.
My first pass. Still not properly grounded in my case but I still had great fun nonetheless.
In this set up I was utilizing it as the main output mixer. The passive mixer gave some texture to the smooth sine waves passing through it. Frequency shifter is a revelation for me in this patch, it can go from tiny plucked string like sounds to really downright nasty tones.
I’ll try to upload a better quality audio by tomorrow.

Inconnu Ictu Feedback from Harvey A Vasquez on Vimeo.

An Emergency sabbatical yielded the first of the two case on my Janus synth.
Really psyched to install the power and busboard so that I can install my modules here.
On the module front, I have the UTL2B- Stereo Output and a few blank panels from Captain Tom waiting for me back in Singapore.
And this baby came knocking at my door to dry up my paypal funds:
Just great as I have traded away my UTL3 Dual VCA to fund my current DIY fixations.

Last weekend, me and Dougall planned to build a Mini power from scratch.
The schematic was from Ken Stone of CGS fame:
Linear schematic
The inspiration for the build was from Tom Bugs’ Mini Power Module:
Mini Power

The build started early at 11 am we met at Sim Lim Tower to haul in the parts. We were buying for two sets as Dougall wanted to build together with me. I say a great idea as I don’t think I will be able to build this myself.

We did have to make a second trip in the afternoon for a late lunch as well as to pick up a few parts that was mistakenly given to us. The build went slow, as Dougall was guiding me along the way alternating with the soldering. We did not buy a ready made PCB so we had to make it from a perforated board. It was good in a way as we were forced to slow down and try to understand the schematics of the circuit. But really difficult and time consuming especially for a beginner like me. In the end it was well worth it.

The day ended with an almost finished build except for the paneling, so I had to come back in the afternoon of the next day to finish it up. The panels were made from the free bug blanks that Tom has supplied to me when I first bought the frame. It was of a PCB material and I thought to myself this will be easy to drill. Man I was wrong! as the PCB was thick and was not as easy as I was thinking. This got me seriously thinking about the direction I want to take in my other DIY panels. Although the panels looked great together with the other panel as they have the same thickness and matching blue colors.

Anyway it was a fruitful weekend as I was able to come home with new power supply for my frame which then will be converted into a skiff as in when I eventually have my cabinet done.

The module:


Now to try and practice in preparation for a planned jam this coming weekend.