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I was able to squirrel my way into this gig, after a few local gigs I am able to get a more solid footing and being more confident leads to a bit more controlled patching.Thanks to Calip8 for letting me play on this particular set. Hope to be able to play in the next few Subflex gigs.

SUBFLEX by Jeck Manliquez

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On June 5, SUBFLEX will once again take effect with an assortment of aural treats for the on lookers and curious folks.
Slug tempo beats, noise, avante garde bionic booger boogie, leftfield hiphop, mutant disco and other oddities. Live performances from WIQUWI, JOL3NA, TARSIUS, MULTIFORM, BENT LYNCHPIN, INNOVATIVE NOISE COLLECTIVE and DJ set from NONPLUS.
No Door Charge

SUBFLEX by Brendan Goco

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