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Falling in love with FM’ing my two quad sines, then process them and feedback to the presets.
Varied sounds in this two separate sessions but almost the same theme so I decided to put them up as one material.

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On June 5, SUBFLEX will once again take effect with an assortment of aural treats for the on lookers and curious folks.
Slug tempo beats, noise, avante garde bionic booger boogie, leftfield hiphop, mutant disco and other oddities. Live performances from WIQUWI, JOL3NA, TARSIUS, MULTIFORM, BENT LYNCHPIN, INNOVATIVE NOISE COLLECTIVE and DJ set from NONPLUS.
No Door Charge

SUBFLEX by Brendan Goco

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This month as I have been obsessing about Matrix Mixers and David Tudor. I asked my friend to help me build a 8 x 8 passive matrix mixer ta add a lot of tone and grain in my sound. This week after a busy few weeks, was able to play with the mixer.
My first pass. Still not properly grounded in my case but I still had great fun nonetheless.
In this set up I was utilizing it as the main output mixer. The passive mixer gave some texture to the smooth sine waves passing through it. Frequency shifter is a revelation for me in this patch, it can go from tiny plucked string like sounds to really downright nasty tones.
I’ll try to upload a better quality audio by tomorrow.

Inconnu Ictu Feedback from Harvey A Vasquez on Vimeo.