[MINDGARDEN] Getting My Feet Wet…2013-11-10

After three solo gigs in my belt, I have a few things that I have learned.
1. More Control leads to a more comfortable performance- I had issue on the PA on my first two stints. The signal for the Modular is considerably hot and this leads to problems receiving it in the PA. On the last gig in Subflex I was able to buy a small Mixer so that I can attenuate my signal before going to the PA. In the future I am also thinking of getting a Bass Amplifier and microphones so that the output is more controlled on my end.
2. Timing is important- On my third stint, I thought about using the timer in my phone. With it, I was able to come up with a more clearer story and I am not rushing or taking my time because I know my Time and more conscious of it. Moral of the story, bring my own clock.
3. Pre-Planning and Practice is important- One year into Modular Synthesis I am still finding ways and searching for my voice. I am still as uncomfortable when I was starting out as I am today one year down the line. The modular with it’s uneven temperament lends to an adventure in itself. Every patch/set is a journey which is hard to go back to. But it is always important for me to be able to practice and set a direction for each gig, so that I get more comfortable in my patching. Though the result will be different, at least the direction will be the same.
4. You have to suck for you to be good- I still have a long way to go and I am still not that good and still suck at times. But I am working towards a more tight and concise approach to my set. Hurrah for the local scene and it’s purveyors to let artists ( I still feel a bit uncomfortable calling myself an artist) like me a platform to release and perform my music.
5. Visuals will help in a big way to connect with the audience- More often than not, the audience wont be able to relate on what I am doing and what I am trying to accomplish on stage. A visual accompaniment on the waveforms will be a great plus so that the audience can easily identify and follow the ebb and flow of the set. This will be a few months down the road as I will work to acquire a oscilloscope for this purpose.
6. I need to record my set- This is more for me to review my set and hopefully to post in this blog.






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