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On June 5, SUBFLEX will once again take effect with an assortment of aural treats for the on lookers and curious folks.
Slug tempo beats, noise, avante garde bionic booger boogie, leftfield hiphop, mutant disco and other oddities. Live performances from WIQUWI, JOL3NA, TARSIUS, MULTIFORM, BENT LYNCHPIN, INNOVATIVE NOISE COLLECTIVE and DJ set from NONPLUS.
No Door Charge

SUBFLEX by Brendan Goco

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This project is down for the past two months and maybe more, as I recently relocated back into the Philippines. A lot of my items are still in transit as I type this.
Another new experience was travelling with my bugs, I bought a hand carry luggage to be able to bring it in the cabin. Worked out pretty well except for puzzling stares when I checked it in the gate. Hope that I don’t encounter any problems when I power it up, when i eventually get the power cables sorted.

A few things that was never finished when I left Singapore:
+ 4 Channel Matrix Mixer/ Format Jumbler in an M-format hammond enclosure
+ Dual Pre-amplifier and Dual LM386 amplifier breakout box.

Will be making a proper enclosure/ end cheeks for my two frame as well. So there are a lot of things in my plate.

As an aside I am also envisioning a side project IWUQIW that would compliment Wiquwi. It will be more cassette based and would actually distort, loop and playback the sounds that are generated from my Wiquwi project recorded in cassette. I am slowly building up the items needed for the project. Tracking down a four track as well as a three head cassette player for playback duties. Currently I have acquired a blind cassette player for live pitch shifting and FSU cassette live playback so that’s a start.