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This month as I have been obsessing about Matrix Mixers and David Tudor. I asked my friend to help me build a 8 x 8 passive matrix mixer ta add a lot of tone and grain in my sound. This week after a busy few weeks, was able to play with the mixer.
My first pass. Still not properly grounded in my case but I still had great fun nonetheless.
In this set up I was utilizing it as the main output mixer. The passive mixer gave some texture to the smooth sine waves passing through it. Frequency shifter is a revelation for me in this patch, it can go from tiny plucked string like sounds to really downright nasty tones.
I’ll try to upload a better quality audio by tomorrow.

Inconnu Ictu Feedback from Harvey A Vasquez on Vimeo.


Baclaran is a barangay (neighborhood district) located in northern area of the City of Parañaque, Metro Manila, Philippines. It is also known to be located at the borders of the cities of Parañaque and Pasay.
The area is well known for the National Shrine of Our Mother of Perpetual Help also known as the Redemptorist Church or Baclaran Church, dedicated to Our Mother of Perpetual Help. There is also a Muslim mosque, the Baclaran Mosque. Baclaran is known for its children and youth membership to the Rondalla which won in NAMCYA way back 1996 and the Drum and Lyre Band.
It is also has a number flea markets (tiangges), selling everything from clothes and electronics to home decorations and traditional medicine.

This is where I grew up. It’s in the border of the two cities of Paranaque and Pasay. And is also home to a large number of flea market. The noise emanating from this place is loud, abrasive, constant and beautiful at the same time.
In this piece I tried to incorporate that feeling of abrasive sounds that turns to soothing when you sit down long enough.