[MINDGARDEN] Year Two Thousand and Twelve Week Thirty Four Updates

Once again, a change in direction in the synthesizer. duh
I am not happy about this...
Looks like it will not be made as a paper face panel, as Dmitri has expressed that he will have to revise the quote to reflect the extend of customization plus it will take quite a while so I opted to just go to another direction.

I am currently looking at having the panels done locally, unfortunately the initial quote that came in was quite high. So I may need to look further while revising the panel artwork at the same time. I am still looking at building up at least two panels of Voice and sequencer, but I will opt to ipass the panels to Elby design (http://www.elby-designs.com) to help me with the manufacturing.

Matrix Mixer
Another option that I would love to explore is the BugBrand Modular.
Tom Bugs
Highly elusive as the modules are not freely available, only to the prior system users that Tom has been helping build on a personal level. I am hoping to snag a few loose modules from the BST section at Muffwiggler to get me started.

On a positive note, not all are missed shots and frustration as I was able to build two simple contact microphone with a big help from my friend Dougall. Thanks Man.





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