[MAKING_JANUS] Building my private Mind Garden Part 2_ ENCLOSURE

As an introduction, the above image is the ‘workshop’ of my father were he tinkers, makes and repairs anything he can get he’s hands on. A complete anti thesis of my skills I might add. Here is me hoping that someday I can have a fraction of that skill, drive and of course all those tools.
We started planning it as a wooden enclosure using some scrap wooden planks around. Unfortunately halfway into the cutting we realized that the plank available was not enough. So we resorted to just having it made by Rolly our tinsmith using one of the metal plates available in the workshop. After giving the proper instruction, Rolly came back after 4 hours with this folded metal enclosure.
After installing the wooden mounting rails. A coat of matte black paint was sprayed and voila:
Next step is to bring it back to Singapore and to install the necessary power supply while awaiting for the panels from Dmitri.





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